Least Cost Telecom

Low Cost Business Calls

As our name suggests we provide companies like yours with cheaper business phone calls. However, in addition to saving you money on your business calls we provide a range of services that help businesses large and small, operate more efficiently, including 24mb business broadband.

How we operate

With over 15 years in the Telecoms industry we know our business. By reviewing your telecoms operations with you, we can identify and implement cost savings that can be made immediately in yours. And we will do this on a continuous basis, ensuring that you keep your telecoms costs minimised. 

Adding value

We take a proactive approach to your communications strategy, suggesting improvements and making you aware of new technologies. Because of this we also help our clients with: 

  • Broadband connections
  • Mobile as well as fixed line solutions
  • Telephone system maintenance
  • Setting up new, non geographic numbers (e.g. 0845 ....)
  • Website hosting

Hassle free

Whilst we will never claim that we can make your life 100% hassle free, our professional and award winning service combined with our low cost business calls, will have a significant impact on your business costs and efficiency.

Business Broadband

Superfast 24Mb business broadband is here and your company could be enjoying all of the benefits, in 7 days time for as little as £40 per month.


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Least Cost Telecom

For a free, no obligation quote, just fax or email a recent bill to us on 0870 751 32 93 together with your name and contact number. We will analyse this and let you know just how much of a difference switching to Least Cost Telecom could make to your costs.
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